Dr. Basaldua with a patient at Optimal Health

The Service(s)

We take all aspects of your health and lifestyle into consideration, and care for you in a manner that helps you restore and maintain optimal health.

In addition to the primary care services, we offer additional integrative health services such as skin and laser procedures, hormone therapy and specialized personal vitamins.

We provide each member with an individualized plan based on the most up-to- date evidence based medical research to guarantee optimal results.

All your medical needs under one roof
Physical therapy machine at Optimal Health in Kingwood, TX

Physical Therapy

If you need to improve your mobility and/or reduce pain, we can help. Physical therapy can help you avoid surgery, recover from surgery, improve your performance in daily activities, or help you recover from an injury.

Medical imaging equipment at Optimal Health in Kingwood, TX

Medical Imaging

We offer state-of- the-art High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Light Speed Computed Tomography (CT), High Tech Ultrasound and no appointment is needed for X-Rays.

Physical therapy machine at Optimal Health in Kingwood, TX

Sleep Labs

We provide a full range of sleep testing to assist health care providers in diagnosing potential sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, and sleep latency

When you join Optimal health you become part of our family and we care about your health.